Continues to increase sales “Opel” light commercial vehicles


The year 2015 will be remembered at Opel as very good for the segment of light commercial vehicles (LCV), except that the Vivaro, Movano and Combo achieved significant sales figures. In total, Opel has sold more than 100,000 light commercial vehicles in 2015, 24 percent more than in 2014, significantly outpacing the market average, which recorded a plus of 9 percent. Opel has achieved the best sales and market share of the brands in the LCV segment since 2008.

Last year, in 2015, all three product lines recorded a sales increase: 38 percent Vivaro, Movano Combo 27 and 12 percent. The three main LCV models also continued its popularity this year, with current sales of which grew by 10 percent compared to last year’s figures. Special conversions offered by Opel also derive benefits from this trend: Sales of LCV conversion with a “lightning” has doubled in the last two years.

Flexible, versatile and well equipped – Opel Vivaro can be configured in such a way to fulfill all that is necessary for a light commercial vehicle. With more than 22,000 new registrations in the first five months, he continues with excellent sales results in 2016. The current Opel Vivaro has already ordered in 145,000 copies across Europe. The successful concept behind the Vivara is based on a great variety of different configurations. It is currently available as a panel van, van, with a cabin and the loading platform in a variety of configurations, including two body lengths (L1: 4.999 / L2: 5.399 mm), and two roof heights (H1: 1.971 / H2: 2,498 mm). The cockpit in the new Vivaro is designed to provide a modern, mobile workplace. All key functions within the cabin are positioned in a plane view and within easy reach, providing excellent ergonomics. These include practical details such as the central front seat, which can be quickly and easily transformed into a writing table with an area large enough to hold a laptop.

On the other hand, the Vivaro’s big “brother”, Opel Movano provides one of the widest range of body styles when it comes to the market of light commercial vehicles – a total of 188, offering a model for virtually every usable customer demand. Thanks to an extremely flexible platform, Movano is available with front or rear-wheel drive and has a maximum gross laden weight of up to 4.5 tons. A variant of the 3.5-ton rear-wheel drive can be equipped with dual drive wheels with a conventional solution, while the dual drive wheels standard 4.5-ton truck. The range includes panel vans in four different lengths and three heights bodywork, van versions for up to 17 people and variants of the “single cab” and “crew cab” cabin and the chassis of the truck.

Also available are a variety of special versions for various industrial applications, such as those with the last dump, movable in three directions, the mobile site and trucks. In addition to volume and dimensions, ergonomics and functionality play a vital role in the world of heavy vans. Opel Movano is also superbly practical for everyday use. Models of drive to the front wheels have a low load threshold in order to easily access to the load compartment, while the sliding side, and the rear double doors are abundant open for easy access to and handling of the material-works. Virtues Opel Movano continue to impress customers with sales and in 2016, which rose by as much as 24 percent compared to the otherwise excellent results from 2015.

The third full-fledged member of Opel’s LCV team Opel Combo, also boasts a successful start in 2016, with sales up 19 percent compared to the same period last year, Serbia is to increase the percentage of 60 percent. Combo meets a wide range of criteria thanks to the diversity of models. The production line consists of two types of the body, with a shorter and a longer wheelbase (2.755 / 3.105 mm). Both types are available such panel vans or passenger car with a five or seven seats, with a standard or high roof. For this reason, the Combo is a flexible basis for professional use in various aspects of business and industry, as well as for everyday use, but the family includes versatile, multi-purpose vehicles, easy to exploit.

The cabin of the new Opel Combo is packed with practical components easy to use. Ergonomically excellent saved and accessible control devices create a harmonious feeling inside the cabin. Sam cabin setting is performed intelligently and practical, and in favor of it goes a significant number of functional compartments and space for storing different things, as well as the ability to install up to seven seats.

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