Tuned BMW i8 complex in honor of superheroes!

Along with the popularity of the new Batman sequel and promotion called the “Dark Knight“, tuning houses around the world paired with various producers get inspiration for new creations just in the film franchise.
The latest copy on which we ran in the vastness of the Internet’s appearance aggressive and carefully designed BMW i8. This tuning work is signed by a Japanese team names of Energy, and the same speeder with slight changes agreed earlier in 2016-th year. Pumped hybrid copy of which we speak carries an appropriate name – the Dark Knight Edition, and from the company’s claim that it acknowledge the iconic “Batman Dark Knight” film.


Batmobile inspiration for upgrades to the BMW i8

BMW i8 “Batmobile” is based on already known plug-in hybrid part of which is paired with an aggressive and dynamic kit by EVO’s. Carbon Edition kit includes a redesigned front bumper, wider front and rear wheel arches, massive rear wing and diffuser. Other upgrades include a new set of alloy wheels directed Energy’s – model Individual TYPE4 size 21-inch painted black. The interior of the BMW i8 is characterized by red leather combined with carbon fiber. Following the model of the Batmobile revised exhaust system and thereby improve acoustics 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine.

Impressive complex hybrid speeder Japanese masters

While Batman always remained faithful to his black, this tough hybrid still has taken a bit of purple which otherwise whales Batman villain – Joker. Time speeder becomes more impressive and certainly better highlight details of the brutal body putty, and the end result is tuned BMW i8 which would not be ashamed any superhero with the silver screen.

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