Pelosi Just Made A Sick Promise If Dems Retake The House In 2018, It’s Disgusting

President Donald Trump knows that tens of millions of Americans are struggling and desperately need to get jobs to support their families, which is why he has been taking bold actions to finally rebuild our economy after eight years of former President Barack Obama’s policies crippled it.

Democrats can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that if you want to create jobs, you have to support businesses and business growth. Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just proved how ignorant liberals are by making a truly disturbing proclamation of what she is going to do if the Democrats somehow succeed in retaking control over the House next year.

Said Rep. Pelosi during a recent press briefing in an attempt to rile up liberals, “I’ll tell you one thing for sure: we win the election and in the first 100 hours we will pass a $15 minimum wage.”

Pelosi’s statement was met with immediate criticism from conservatives and those Democrats who understand the necessity of being pro-business to create good jobs.

Stated Jeremy Adler, spokesman for the conservative organization America Rising, “This is a significant moment since it confirms that the Democrat Party is now in the hands of extreme liberals that have more in common with European Socialism than the free enterprise principles that have guided America for generations.” Do you think Pelosi’s plan will fail?


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