Frank Gaffney Eviscerates Obama’s ‘Seriously Ill Advised Holdovers’ For There Islam Denial

Frank Gaffney, the Center for Security Policy president, crushed Obama’s holdovers in the White House who are trying to deny that Islam is responsible for terrorism. “As Donald Trump said in the course of the campaign, I think we have to get clarity as to the nature of the problem we’re facing,” explained Gaffney.

“It behooves us, before we start contorting ourselves even more than we have of late, to be honest about the nature of the threat. I think during the course of the campaign, Candidate Trump made great strides in trying to do that. He used the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’” said Gaffney.

“But I think it is the active nature of this that is the problem we have to come to grips with. And when we hear the British government – or, for that matter, President Trump of late – talking about the threat in terms of extremism, or in terms of ‘lone wolves’ or people who have no connection with organized efforts, or are otherwise cast in terms that I think obscure their fidelity to this agenda,” said Gaffney.

“Which is unfortunately part and parcel of what authoritative Islam describes, it is I think a formula for more loss of life and more distortion of our societies. Because as a practical matter, it comes down to our submission, and that’s really the rub of the issue,” he explained.

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